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The Little Golden Book of Local Culture

one view consumed, manipulated, projected

14 September
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I am probably older than you. I live in a jungle cave with my exotic woman. Her only possession is a leopard skin bikini. I have spoken that the bikini is in poor taste and that leopards are endagered, so now she doesn't wear it. She borrows my old xxl burgerking t-shirt to go out. I consider that shirt a landmark relic of the bygone days of obesity and service work. She understands that, and is careful not to tear it. She communicates telepathically with all species of snakes, who have helped us(along with many other hapless victims like yourself)to escape villainy or naturally imposed disaster on numerous occasions. I have a dagger made of gorilla bones. Currently, I study knowledge production at University of Washington. I may be a lawyer if I am not killed by a mutated gang of super-intelligent tapirs, or am forced into the magically sealed shackles of grad-school first. My halcyon life is happening right now.